Saltworks, Secure Code Warrior Partner on Secure Coding for DevOps
Clean, secure code prevents vulnerabilities that lead to compromised data, cyberattacks

ATLANTA—Mar. 22, 2021—Saltworks, an application security company building world-class
application security (AppSec) programs from policy to production, today announced a
partnership with Secure Code Warrior® to elevate the importance and accessibility of secure
code education and skills development. By helping developers write secure code from the start, development teams can ship quality code faster, avoiding errors and reducing risks, and
increase skills adoption. The partnership aligns with Saltworks’ strategy to collaborate with
organizations that support its mission to build progressive AppSec programs for global

While secure coding principles can be driven from anywhere within an organization, every level of the development team (internally for the business and externally with customers) must eliminate vulnerabilities. Given the software industry’s increased focus on integrating AppSec into DevOps processes (i.e., DevSecOps), the Secure Code Warrior partnership is a proof point of Saltworks’ holistic approach that empowers developers to author error-free code and deliver secure applications from policy to production.

“Even the smallest programming mistake can cause a security breakdown that negatively
affects deployment and application success, which can lead to compromised intellectual
property and data, and loss of competitive advantage,” said Dennis Hurst, founder and
president of Saltworks. “Not only does Secure Code Warrior take a human-led approach in teaching and motivating developers to code securely, but it also drives training adoption
throughout the development organization by providing positive skills-based pathways for
developers in the language and framework of their choice. Both are proven to increase
developer speed, accuracy and productivity.”

Whether development teams are local, hybrid or crowdsourced, software innovation is growing faster than ever before, as are the increased go-to-market and cyberthreat pressures that come along with rapid application development. It’s critical that developers, regardless of
geolocation, have the skills and tools to create clean, quality code.

“Saltworks understands that code is a foundational element of all software developed and
without security principles ingrained from the beginning, companies put themselves at risk for
security breach and application failure,” said Stephen Allor, global head of partners at Secure
Code Warrior. “By making secure coding a positive and engaging experience for developers as
they increase software security skills, Secure Code Warrior’s proven approach mitigates risk by embedding a secure code mindset throughout the development process—ultimately making coding and security top priorities.”

“While the onus is on companies to hold code to the highest caliber, they can’t assume all
developers have the know-how to make it so,” continued Hurst. “Providing ongoing training
opportunities as part of secure code objectives and tying AppSec priorities to performance
metrics make a difference in motivation, performance and security integration. It also enables
programmers to gain an equal knowledge base that fuels an environment where they spend
more time writing and deploying good code than fixing errors.”

In addition to Secure Code Warrior, other successful Saltworks partnerships that continue to
provide tangible DevSecOps value to companies worldwide include: Orasi, Micro Focus,
Sonatype, Cobalt and Imperva. For more information, visit

About Saltworks
Saltworks is an application security company that partners with organizations to build worldclass AppSec programs from policy to production. Founded on the premise that application security is mandatory, must be agile and can’t slow the software lifecycle, Saltworks provides comprehensive, data-driven security testing tools to help protect every stage of application development.

About Secure Code Warrior
Secure Code Warrior is the developer-centric learning solution to up skill developers secure
coding proficiency. By making secure coding a positive and engaging experience for developers, Secure Code Warrior succeeds through its human approach that uncovers the secure developer inside every coder, helping development teams ship quality code faster so they can focus on creating amazing, safe software for our world.

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