SaltMiner Community

Penetration Test Management for Everyone

SaltMiner Community is a Penetration Management Platform that is built on the ELK stack, free to use and follows well documented data formats (Elastic ECS). 

Manage Penetration Tests

  • Easily integrate with other system like service request tracking systems
  • Push testing results to external systems via fully exposed REST API
  • Track custom attributes for engagements like start time, end time, who is doing the test, etc. in a completely configurable, reportable and queryable way
  • Create “to-do” list engagements to enforce common testing standards

Fully customizable Penetration Testing Engagements

  • Tracking of standard and custom data for issues
  • Full support for screen shots via markdown fields
  • Ability to track comments
  • Support for Issue Templates to support standard issues documentation

End user access to data

  • Manage individual access by end users in a fully customizable way with full support for document level security
  • Build robust dashboards for users to see Penetration Testing Data
  • Build custom reports


  •  See vulnerabilities across all applications in an entire organization in a single dashboard view

  • Manage thousands of applications and scans, and all the testers who interact with them


  • Filter reports by business unit/owner, vulnerability type, criticality level, vulnerability trends, and more


  • See trends to prove compliance with results, and show how applications are tested
  • Prove compliance by ensuring applications are being tested with the right technology at the right time in the right order

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