SaltMiner Community

Scale your Pen Test Management and Reporting

SaltMiner Community is the first freely available enterprise grade pen test management and reporting solution that lets you manage all your pen tests from one centralized dashboard. It’s all the power of SaltMiner except applied to manual assessments.

SaltMiner Community:

  • Delivers enterprise functionality, only at open source costs
  • Lets you manage and report on all your manual testing  
  • Scales across an unlimited number of applications, tests, and testers
  • Manually aggregates and normalizes results
  • Fully integrates with SaltMiner for combined and complete reporting

Posture Management for all your manual tests

Managing manual assesments can be a nightmare of spreadsheets and word documents shared between different testers and tools. SaltMiner Community lets you easily share, track, and recreate results across multiple users and engagements. And because it shares the same Reporting engine as SaltMiner, those users can combine and view all their AppSec results in one dashboard. 

Reporting that scales

SaltMiner Community lets pen testers focus on communicating and managing risk instead of assembling reports for all the audiences that need information. Because it’s built on the ELK framework, SaltMiner Community provides a common logging repository that allows users to search, analyze, and visualize application security data in real time. It also relies on the Elastic Common Schema (ECS) data format, which makes results easily portable between different tools and testers while also enforcing standards across the enterprise.

SaltMiner Community solves common reporting problems with automation and flexibility that aggregates results and normalizes data. And because it is a part of SaltMiner, results can be combined with all your other AppSec data to generate reports for all the audiences who need them.  




  • Manage all tests from one centralized dashboard

  • Track unlimited manual assessments across unlimited users

  • Integrate with SaltMiner for complete AppSec program management


  • Simplify reporting and improve  communication across all key stakeholders
  • Add key business context around vulnerabilities like compliance to increase value and understanding
  • Sort by customizable parameters including business unit, prioritization, trends over time, etc.


  • Save workflows so tests can easily be repeated and shared via a link
  • See trends to prove compliance with results and show how applications are tested
  • Include screen shots with comment tracking 

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