We take pride in delivering an impeccable customer experience.

Our goal is to help organizations solve evolving and complex business challenges. The right team and the right technology are necessary to ensure the right outcome for our customers.

Current Open Roles at Saltworks:

Senior API Developer (2)

  • 5+ years of extensive Core Java experience
  • Familiarity with Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Unit/Integration Testing, etc.
  • Experience with microservices architecture and containers
  • Experience with DevOps practices
  • Experience building Secure Software and knowledge of security practices
  • Experience working with Open Source frameworks such as SpringSpring Boot, Spring Security  Spring Cloud, Hibernate, jBPM, and others
  • Strong understanding of RDBMS (e.g. MySQL, Oracle). Familiarity with NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB, CouchDB) is a plus
  • Experience leveraging existing cloud technologies to build scalable systems
  • Experience designing REST based APIs
  • Agile development practices
  • Cloud Services (e.g. API Gateways, EC2, Lambda, Beanstalk)
  • Technical design of features from inception to release
  • Mentoring less experienced engineers
  • Effective collaboration with different stakeholders while leading features (e.g. Architects, Business Analysts, Engineering Manager)

Open Source Security Manager

  • Working knowledge of major open source repositories, such as Maven, Nuget, and NPM
  • Strong verbal/written communication skills for customer support
  • Python and PowerShell scripting skills, with an emphasis on API / REST interaction
  • Prior experience with Sonatype Lifecycle
  • Team leadership Experience
  • 5+ years experience, with some people management experience


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We need bright, passionate, forward-thinking leaders that bring insight, innovation, and a fresh perspective to make a positive impact on Saltworks and our customers.

Saltworks AppSec Engineers are…

Problem Solvers

Not just part of a security team, application team, or development team. Our consultants’ expertise spans these domains as a holistic application security resource.

Informed Experts

Able to draw on development experience to analyze technology, code, existing policies, and drive positive results.

Creative Thinkers

Know how to ask the right questions to address complex problems creatively and think outside the box.

Customer Advocates

Interact with customers to help meet their unique goals to integrate security into their business.

Saltworks Perks:

  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Attractive HR Benefits
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Gain Valuable Marketable Skills

Saltworks offers a positive, flexible environment and provides the tools and training needed to be a productive part of our dynamic Application Security Consulting group. We encourage our consultants to continue professional development, gaining highly valuable skills and experiences in a competitive “growth” area.  Your hands-on experience at Saltworks will become a strong foundation and translate to long-term value in all aspects of your career

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