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Security that won’t slow you down.

Today’s development landscape requires companies to take a continuous, iterative approach to development. Without a good AppSec plan, security impedes efficiency in agile or DevOps cycles and interferes with critical go-live deadlines.

  • Adapt. We help companies of all sizes adapt their application security activities to the more frequent and iterative software releases that today’s business demands.

  • Learn. We work with your security and development teams to build a plan that meets your needs, bringing our expertise from working with more than 2000 customers in a variety of industries such as financial, health, and manufacturing. 

Security tailored to fit your needs.

AppSec programs made out of cookie-cutter templates and generic checklists are doomed to fail. They disrupt your development processes, frustrate engineers, and create friction between security and development teams.

  • Build. We build programs using industry-accepted practices to recommend thoughtful, customized design that meet your company’s unique needs.
  • Partner. We create and manage customized application security programs that work with – not against – your established software development culture and environment.
  • Support. We offer a unique mix of security expertise grounded in a development-first culture. We prioritize supporting software developers in meeting the unique security challenges of today’s fast-paced development demands.

Security using industry-leading solutions.

Every stage of development can introduce new security vulnerabilities with each phase seemingly requiring a different approach or tool to resolve. Complicating matters, every development team’s programming languages, development life cycles, and task management systems are different, making the list of AppSec tools seem even more daunting.

  • Choose. We consult with your team to choose the best tools and solutions for you. Our partnerships with several industry-leading solution providers enable us to recommend and provide the products that meet your specific needs.
  • Streamline. We work to streamline each of your groups’ AppSec by implementing powerful, effective tools chosen for each level of your development and support.
  • Maintain. After your AppSec solutions are implemented and start returning test results, we work with your teams to help them identify trends, fix issues, and deliver your best possible application security.

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