Managed AppSec

Posture management and maturation as a service

Managed AppSec can help improve your AppSec by performing program maturity assessments, establishing key metrics, and even improving communications across key departments. Saltworks Security can supplement your enterprise security efforts, serve as expert resources when necessary, or guide organizations through integrating AppSec into their development lifecycles.

Shift Left

  • Completely shift left with integrated DevSecOps practices and processes
  • “Containerize” security with auto-execution of scans integrated with Jenkins
  • Implement developer to security service request tracking to reduce issue counts and streamline remediation


  • Deploy a WAF (on-premise, in AWS and Azure, or as a cloud service itself) to keep your deployed applications safe
  • Install and optimize Runtime Application Security Protection (RASP) to protect your application and prevent attacks during runtime, with no external dependencies required
  • Install and optimize Threat Detection with Respond Software capabilities with SIEM integrated always on continuous monitoring, analysis, and triage


  • Offload your entire application security infrastructure as a service, and at scale
  • Perform an Open Software Assurance Maturity Model (OWASP SAMM) assessment without being clouded by past internal decisions or practices
  • Augment your own staff or manage your entire program as a service with scalable expertise on demand

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