Penetration Testing

Humanity Is Something We Strive For

Automated security testing is great. Having a real person to uncover more cyber threats in your applications is the next step that goes beyond automation. Our team has decades of combined experience and they are dedicated to using that experience to ensure your applications are reasonably safe based on the risk the application presents to your organization.

PenTest Lock


You set the desired depth of testing, and make modifications as business requirements change and threats evolve.


  • Before testing even begins, the Saltworks PenTesting team will meet with your stake holders and thoroughly document the scope of service delivery for your penetration testing.
  • During this planning stage, both your team and ours confirm essential details such as organizational infrastructure, domains, servers, devices with IP addresses, any exclusions and any other artifacts related to engagements.


  • Deliver on business deliverables like compliance
  • Run PenTests externally or from your internal systems.
  • Conduct readouts as needed to support your remediation needs.


Our custom methodology is followed by our PenTesters to provide consistent results test after test.


Our post review will provide you the insight you need for triage and effective remediation of your vulnerabilities.


  • Web Application
  • API
  • Local (FAT) Application
  • Networks


We provide scalable penetration testing delivery through our SaltMiner Application Security Posture Management software and SaltMiner Community our freely available PenTesting platform enabling unparalleled visibility outside of manual review.  Customer can even use their own instance of SaltMiner and SaltMiner Commuity to house the PenTest results.

SaltMiner Hopper

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