Security as a Service (SaaS)

Apply advanced testing techniques and analysis

Saltworks Security knows how to identify, prioritize, and remediate the security gaps in any application, the technology that supports it, and the development processes used to create it. More importantly, we know how to integrate those solutions into your existing processes.

Saltworks Security SaaS provides specialized and manual testing options that expand on TaaS offering and includes penetration testing, advanced result analysis, and other activities.


  • Transition from DevOps to DevSecOps with ‘shift left’ process planning
  • “Containerize” security with auto-execution of scans integrated with Jenkins
  • Implement developer to security service request tracking to reduce issue counts and streamline remediation


  • Apply advanced security techniques and analysis to application testing
  • Gain executive observably with reporting to show which teams are in compliance with policy as well as enterprise-wide risk insight
  • Identify weaknesses in your processes as well as in your applications


  • Leverage expertise on demand to fill your program gaps
  • Manage all aspects of releasing a secure application not only as a service, but with ala carte offerings to meet individual needs
  • Reduce and manage your technical debt

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