Free pen test management and reporting solution supports unlimited users, eliminates data format conflicts to improve efficiency, production

ATLANTA — March 2, 2023 — Saltworks, an application security (AppSec) company, today announced SaltMiner Community, a new zero-cost pen testing management and reporting solution that offers enterprise results at open-source costs. SaltMiner Community supports unlimited users and results and automatically aggregates results and normalizes data across different tests, testers, and tools. SaltMiner Community is a free version empowering users with the depth of Saltworks’ enterprise solution SaltMiner and outlines a roadmap to AppSec program visibility and management.

SaltMiner Community simplifies pen testing, improves efficiency and production
Pen testers and developers aggregate, visualize and report on manual assessments using the same interface and engine as SaltMiner to easily:

    • Focus on results, not data formatting and conflict resolution
    • Simplify report management, creation, and delivery
    • Improve actionable results, communication and understanding
    • Standardize results so meanings are consistent across tests, testers and tools
    • Increase understanding of risk by applying business context to AppSec data

“SaltMiner Community is the only pen testing and reporting solution that provides enterprise functionality at open-source costs…nothing,” said Dennis Hurst, co-founder and president of Saltworks. “It’s like Google Docs for pen testers, enabling users to work on the same set of engagement results at one time. For executives, SaltMiner Community adds business context to AppSec data that increases value and understanding to reduce risk.”

Easily track, report results across different tests, testers and tools

SaltMiner Community allows AppSec professionals to track manual testing results and aggregate them in ways no other freely available solution can match. It standardizes vulnerability definitions across tools so ‘critical’ means the same thing everywhere. It also ensures pen testers follow consistent practices, which reduces time wasted on finding ways to communicate. Easily delivering standardized reporting with automated data normalization is also of value to teams tracking trends that prove compliance.

Visit SaltMiner Community to learn more.

About Saltworks

Saltworks is an application security company that partners with organizations to build world-class AppSec programs from policy to production. Founded on the premise that application security is mandatory, must be agile and can’t slow the software lifecycle, Saltworks provides comprehensive, data-driven security testing tools to help protect every stage of application development.

About SaltMiner (Commercial version)

SaltMiner is an enterprise ready application security management solution that simplifies testing, tracking, and understanding of application risk. It is for security teams, developers, and pen testers who lack visibility into the health, risk, and compliance of their applications and need a comprehensive and enterprise-wide view of their overall risk exposure. 

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