Saltworks is excited to announce a 70% revenue and 23% employee increase last year, despite a tough 2020! Our customer base, including companies in energy, financial services and insurance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, technology services, and retail, doubled since 2018, as well. Alongside our rapid growth, we also expanded partnerships with award-winning solution providers like Sonatype, Micro Focus, Cobalt, Imperva, and Orasi Software.

Our growth over the past year reiterates an industry need for what Saltworks does best: partnering with organizations to build world-class Application Security programs from Policy to Production and working with- not against- enterprises’ existing environments.

2020 also brought the release of Saltworks’ application security management solution, SaltMiner, which aggregates, analyzes, and reports data from various security testing tools and techniques.

As we move further into 2021, we look forward to continued growth, adding more software development staff and AppSec engineers to our team, increasing SaltMiner’s capabilities, and forming new partnerships with complementary solution providers who are driving innovative change within the Application Security industry.

Read more about Saltworks’ momentum in today’s press release and catch up on our latest News too.

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