Today, Saltworks announced a partnership with Bit Discovery, adding another powerful tool to help organizations build holistic Application Security programs from Policy to Production.

Bit Discovery focuses on making high-fidelity attack surface management (ASM) quick and easy. The platform uses snapshots of the Internet to automatically organize massive amounts of information and distills it down, keeping track of a company’s Internet-connected assets and bringing in real-time alerts whenever the inventory changes. An effective ASM tool makes it easy for enterprises to know which external assets they own, enabling them to secure their applications thoroughly.

Bit Discovery’s attack surface management works alongside Saltworks’ philosophy of creating holistic AppSec programs and shifting as far left as possible. It will also integrate with SaltMiner, providing an even more powerful Application Inventory solution. The practice of Application Inventory- understanding which apps your enterprise owns so they can be secured- is vital to any successful AppSec program and can begin with Bit Discovery’s powerful ASM platform.

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