Today, Saltworks announced a partnership with Secure Code Warrior, adding its powerful training platform to an arsenal of Application Security solutions that we provide to build world-class AppSec programs from policy to production!


The Application Security industry stresses the importance of “shifting security left” in the Software Development Life Cycle, but how far left can we shift? Unless we come up with technology that invades developers’ subconsciousness and imprints secure coding practices into their brains (which we hope won’t ever be the case), training developers to write secure code is the best option for mitigating vulnerabilities early in the development life cycle.As the software industry focuses on integrating AppSec into DevOps processes, enterprises must prioritize the importance of driving security coding principles from the very start.


Our new partnership with Secure Code Warrior enables companies to train developers with a gamified platform, making it fun and accessible for development teams. This program isn’t your average training class that could cause developers to fall asleep face-first on their keyboards. Secure Code Warrior’s video-game-like platform is engaging and motivating, with proven results of increasing developer speed, accuracy, and productivity. Through this program, developers build skills
that prioritize both coding and security top priorities, ultimately reframing coding practices so they’ll think and act with a security mindset every day.

Secure Code Warrior’s gamified platform

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