At Saltworks, we recognize our core mission of collaborating with our valued customers to enhance the implementation of sound application security practices. These applications serve as repositories for the personal data of individuals worldwide, and safeguarding them effectively is not only a business imperative but also an ethical obligation.

We acknowledge that application security encompasses a multifaceted landscape encompassing technology, processes, and, most significantly, people. These individuals fulfill diverse roles and pursue distinct objectives within their respective organizations, often contending with competing demands on their time and resources. Moreover, we understand that the exceptional members of the Saltworks team are the key to delivering outstanding service to our customers, whether they serve as consultants, testers, support engineers, or developers.

With these considerations in mind, we are committed to embodying the following principles in our interactions with our team, customers, and partners:

We approach our work with kindness and tact, recognizing that there may be occasions when we need to relay unfavorable information regarding the state of a customer’s application security. We endeavor to communicate with honesty, respect, and without bringing disrepute upon any involved parties.

  • We cultivate patience and humility in all our dealings. Our collaborations involve professionals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. While we possess expertise in certain areas, we wholeheartedly acknowledge that our customers and team members possess a wealth of knowledge. Thus, we consistently strive to exhibit patience and humility in our interactions.
  • We foster a conducive environment that not only safeguards our customers’ applications and data but also instills a sense of optimism that reasonable application security goals are attainable. Additionally, we endeavor to build trust with our team, customers, and anyone impacted by application security.
  • Above all, we embrace the reality that mistakes are inherent to the human experience. Therefore, we are committed to extending grace and understanding when necessary, learning from our errors, and continually enhancing our products and services.

At Saltworks, we are dedicated to forging strong partnerships, delivering superior application security solutions, and upholding the highest standards of professionalism in all our endeavors.


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